Underage Gaming Policy

Last Update: 22 March, 2023

Persons under the age of eighteen (18) or the legal age at which gambling, or gaming activities are allowed under the law or jurisdiction that applies to them (referred to as “Minors”), are not permitted to participate in the gaming opportunities (“the Service”) offered by Bets Entertainment N.V. (referred to as either “the Company”, "We", "Us" or "Our" herein) via 1red.com website (“the Website”).

We ask Minors not to attempt to access the Website, participate in any gaming activity at the Website and not to provide any personal information to us.

We reserve the right to request proof of age documents from persons intending to participate or participating in the gaming opportunities offered by the Company at any time. Acceptable proof of age documents include valid government-issued photo IDs.

If we suspect that you are or receive notification that you are currently under 18 years or were under 18 years (or below the age of majority as stipulated in the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you) when you placed any bets through the Service your account will be suspended (locked) to prevent you placing any further bets or making any withdrawals from your account. We will then investigate the matter, including whether you have been betting as an agent for, or otherwise on behalf, of a person under 18 years (or below the age of majority as stipulated in the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you). If having found that you: (a) are currently; (b) were under 18 years or below the majority age which applies to you at the relevant time; or (c) have been betting as an agent for or at the behest of a person under 18 years or below the majority age which applies:

  • all winnings currently or due to be credited to your Account will be retained;
  • all winnings gained from betting through the Service whilst under age must be paid to us on demand (if you fail to comply with this provision we will seek to recover all costs associated with recovery of such sums); and/or
  • any monies deposited in your Account which are not winnings will be returned to you OR retained until you turn 18 years old at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to deduct payment transaction fees from the amount to return, including transaction fees for deposits to your account which we covered. This condition also applies to you if you are over the age of 18 years but you are placing your bets within a jurisdiction which specifies a higher age than 18 years for legal betting and you are below that legal minimum age in that jurisdiction.

In the event we suspect you are in breach of the provisions of this Policy or are attempting to rely on them for a fraudulent purpose, we reserve the right to take any action necessary in order to investigate the matter, including informing the relevant law enforcement agencies.

We take all reasonable steps to prevent underage gamblers from accessing and using our services, including the use of identity verification services to ensure that all users are eligible to play. As a registered user, you can help us prevent underage gambling online.

Especially if you access your account at the Website on a shared computer, or if you have underage individuals in your household, it's important that you take precautions to prevent underage gambling. Do not use software that saves your username and password on shared devices, and consider installing parental control programs that can help prevent minors from accessing online gambling websites.

For parents we can recommend a list of internet filters, to support them, from keeping their children from any context, which was not made for them: famisafe.wondershare.com/internet-filter/best-internet-filters.html

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